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A Trax nemzetközi szoftverfejlesztő cég a Jambával közösen márciustól Projektmenedzsment és Adatelemző workshop sorozatot indít, kifejezetten fogyatékossággal élő és megváltozott munkaképességű emberek számára. A cél az, hogy versenyképes készségekkel junior szakembereket képezzünk, hogy állást találjanak ezen a gyorsan fejlődő, népszerű területen a nyílt munkaerőpiacon. A képzés a trendekre reagálva, a piaci igényeknek megfelelően lett kialakítva. Indulás március 22., jelentkezési határidő február 4.

A pozíció, az akadálymentes képzés és a jelentkezési feltételek részletes, angol nyelvű leírása a következőkben található.

What does a Data Specialist/Junior Project Manager do?
· Works on projects.
· Monitors & analyses of project related data.
· Coordinates the back office team (communication in oral & written format).
· Solves project related technical issues.

Workshop content
· Basics of Project Management.
· Excel/PowerPoint/Power BI – Data Analysis.
· Communication skills.
· Intercultural communication.
· Time management.
· Conflict management.
· Career consulting.

Who are we looking for?
Adults with disabilities and different working abilities (women are particularly welcome).
Interest in working with data.
Analytical thinking, good problem solving skills.
Fluent English skills (minimum B2/upper intermediate level).
Good command of Microsoft Office programs (a solid background of Excel is essential).
Empathy, flexibility.
Commitment to take part in the entire programme.
Can imagine yourself working in this field afterwards.

What do we offer?
Fully accessible, high quality workshop tailored to market needs.
An accepting, safe atmosphere and partnership approach.
Sensitive and collaborative communication.
Lots of positive reinforcement.
We want to make people with disabilities more competitive and resilient so that they are empowered individually and socially.
Professionally active, friendly and cool teachers, including Trax’s senior staff.
We think in terms of individual career paths.

Application process:
Register on Jamba web interface (if you haven’t already) and fill in the workshop application form by 4 February 2024.

You can expect two rounds of interviews during February 2024, a first one with the Jamba team and the second one with Trax.
Eight people will be selected for the workshop.
In case of too many applicants, the strongest candidates will be selected based on written applications and interviews.

Workshop duration: 10 weeks, 2 or 3 hours per week (2×45 min, or 3×45 min per week).
Workshop date: Fridays between 9AM-12PM.

Starting date: 22 March, 2024.
Location: a mix of offline and online sessions.
The face-to-face sessions will take place in Kálvin square, the venue will be wheelchair-accessible.
The workshops will be held partially in Hungarian and partially in English.

Participation fee: HUF 40,000 (scholarship places available on an equitable basis).

Accessible venue will be provided for offline sessions (in Budapest city center).
Sign language interpretation will be provided.
Although the workshop will be fully accessible itself, due to some elements of the job are not suitable for people with visual impairment, we do not recommend your application this time.